News: New authorised advisor on the Progress market

03/21/2018 15:20

For purpose of launching a new multilateral trading platform intended for small and medium-sized enterprises Progress, the Zagreb Stock Exchange d.d. announced a call for applications for the status of authorised advisor for the Progress Market.

The great interest of companies with sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to properly perform the authorised advisor's duties, showed that interest in developing new products on the capital market still exists in Croatia, and in parallel, establishing a new branch in the field of business and financial consulting.

New company that fulfilled the status of authorised advisors on the Progress market is:


Progress market now counts the total of twelve companies that had fulfilled conditions for the status of authorised advisor.

All interested companies eligible for authorised advisor status can still submit their applications in accordance with the terms and conditions of the application, available on the Multilateral Trading Platform Progress web site.