Financial instruments on Progress Market

Financial instruments which may be traded on the Progress Market are:

  • shares, including depositary receipts for shares; and
  • bonds, including depositary receipts for bonds

Financial instruments referred to in an application for admission to trading on the Progress Market must meet the following criteria:

  • must be free float and issued in accordance with the regulations applicable to them;
  • the legal status of the issuer of financial instruments must be compliant with legislation of the Republic of Croatia or of the state of the issuer’s registered seat;
  • must be in non-materialised form;
  • the issuer has prepared an Basic Admission Document or Summary Admission Document
  • an efficient settlement of transactions must be ensured for financial instruments
  • for shares: at least 10% of the shares must be publically distributed.

Criteria for Admission of Financial Instruments to Trading on the Progress Market can be find in Progress Market Rules.

Rules for issuers

 Rules and regulations applicable for Progress market in CroatiaRules and regulations applicable for Progress market in SloveniaIssuing dateCommencemenet date
NEWRulebook for Admission document 15.04.2021.23.04.2021.
 Rulebook for Admission document 29.07.2020.06.08.2020.
 Rulebook for Admission document  08.07.2019.16.07.2019.
 Rulebook for Admission document  06.03.2018.14.03.2018.
 Amendments to the Rulebook for admission document 06.03.2018.14.03.2018.
 Rulebook for Admission document  24.10.2017.02.11.2017.
  Regulations on the Form and Content of the Listing Document03.09.2020.10.09.2020.
  Regulations on the Form and Content of the Listing Document16.09.2019.01.10.2019.
  Regulations on the Form and Content of the Listing Document19.06.2018.20.06.2018.