About Progress market

Progress market is multilateral trading facility in Croatia and Slovenia, managed by the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc, intended for small and medium enterprises.

The cooperation between Zagreb and Ljubljana Stock Exchanges will enable small and medium-sized companies to raise capital in Croatia and Slovenia.

When investing in the securities traded on the Progress Market, investors should take into consideration the following:

  1. The Progress Market is an alternative market managed by the Exchange.

  2. The main characteristic of the Progress Market is a lower transparency requirement for issuers compared to the regulated market and, consequently, a higher associated risk of investing in securities traded on the Progress Market.

  3. In a manner envisaged under these Rules, the Exchange ensures public availability of regulatory, including issuers' financial reports and information on securities which are traded on the Progress Market, in order to ensure fair and orderly trading and pricing.

  4. The obligation of public disclosure of information, as envisaged by the Rules, shall be performed by the issuer who filed an application for admission to trading based on which the security is admitted to trading on the Progress Market or, if applicable, by another person or on its behalf.

  5. The provisions of the CMA, Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014, other relevant regulation and bylaws adopted on the basis of such regulation which regulate the prevention and detection of market abuse shall apply to trading on the Progress Market.

For investors:

Admission of securities to trading on the Progress Market shall not be deemed equivalent to the listing of such securities on the regulated market operated by Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc.

Investors should be aware of risks involved in investments in securities admitted to trading on the Progress Market and, before deciding on the investment, an appropriate analysis and, if necessary, consultations with an investment consultant should be made.