Observation segment

The Exchange may temporarily place shares and other financial instruments in a special observation segment in order to draw the attention of the investment public to the need for increased monitoring of the circumstances relevant to trading in the respective financial instrument.
The subject of observation can be a financial instrument, i.e. an issuer who is currently undergoing certain special circumstances that require disclosure to investors.
The reasons for the placement of a financial instrument in the observation segment are different circumstances associated with the issuer, regulated by Article 246 of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Rules d.d.
The issuer may submit a written request to the Exchange, seeking an abolishment of classification in the observation segment. The request shall be properly explained.

List of securities classified under Observation Segment can be found here.

  • TSHC - Issuer in observation segment: TSHC 03.04.2020. 14:27

    due to the proposed decision to the General Assembly regarding dividend payment in the amount of 600.00 HRK per share


No active observation entries to display.