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First bonds on the Progress Market

Zagreb Stock Exchange on July 5, 2021, issued a Decision approving the admission to trading on the Progress market bonds of ICF Progress d.o.o. (ISIN:…

Empowering EU Capital Markets for SMEs: incentive measures

SMEs are the backbone of our economy and all stakeholders have their part to play to empower EU capital markets to enable them to finance their…

Further facilitation of access to the capital market for SMEs

The Zagreb Stock Exchange has approved new rules for its Progress market.

Progress market is a multilateral trading facility managed by the Zagreb…

European Commission appointed Zagreb Stock Exchange as a member of the  Technical expert stakeholder group on SMEs

The European Commission has appointed the Zagreb Stock Exchange as a member of the Technical Expert Stakeholder Group on SMEs.

The Technical Group is…

Trading calendar for 2021 - ZSE

Find trading calendar here.

Continuous trading resumes

Continuous trading will resume at 12:50.

Intraday auction prolonged

Intraday auction is prolonged until further notice.

Low liquidity trading schedule stays unchanged.

Trading resumes

Trading is being resumed according to the following schedule:

Continous Trading
Pre-Trading     11:50
Intraday Auction 12:00
Continuous Trading 12:30

Trading temporarily unavailable

Trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange is temporarily unavailable due to the technical difficulties in the functioning of the trading system. Currently,…

Trading resumes

Trading will resume at 14:15. Trading will be active from 14:15 to 14:45 in the pre-opening modality, followed by continuous trading. The Exchange has…