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"Progress" presented on the "Požega in 2025" forum

Published: 09.11.2017.

The new trading platform Progress was presented on the second Požega Economic forum on topic "Požega in 2025 - the steps towards change", organized by City of Požega Association and City of Požega friends, on 3 November 2017.

Forum Požega 2025

A panel discussion on "Alternative Financing Methods" presented past experiences and opportunities that the leading financial institutions in Croatia offer to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The purpose of the debate was to encourage companies to think outside the box when talking about financing in our region. The Progress Platform is mentioned as one of the initiatives and example of alternative financing, launched by the Zagreb Stock Exchange for the purpose of supporting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Zagreb stock exchange announces a call for acquiring the status of authorised advisor for the Progress market

Published: 02.11.2017.

For purpose of launching new multilateral trading platform Progress, intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Zagreb Stock Exchange Ltd has announced a call for applications for the status of auhorised advisor for the Progress Market.

Croatian small and medium-sized enterprises are employing the largest number of employees and make up the vast majority in private-sector business in the country. Still, Croatian SME’s lag behind the European average of their participation in value-added share and employment due to more difficult access to finance, including access to equity and credit instruments.

Progress is a platform for the realization of investment plans of small and medium-sized enterprises, either through IPO or technical listing, to facilitate a change in ownership. Companies will be led through the process of admission and trading by authorised advisors.

All companies eligible for advisor status can submit their applications in accordance with the terms and conditions of the application, which are available on the Multilateral Trading Platform's website.